Why Are Wax Melts So Popular?

Why Are Wax Melts So Popular? (11 Reasons Why We Love Them!)

Wax melts are quite popular because they are flame-free, so they can be used even in offices, commercial spaces, or apartments where candles are not allowed. Wax cubes don’t produce soot. Wax melts are great for the environment too as they don’t need glass containers or wicks. Wax melts are considered safer around kids and pets too.

Wax melts are also called Wax Tarts/Wax Cubes. These little things are loved by people and rightly so. They offer all things a scented candle offers and more.

Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? Well, this is the reason why many prefer these over the scented candles to fill their living space with aroma.

So, why are they so popular? There must be a reason. Actually, there are many reasons for their popularity. Let’s see what they are.

Wax melts are flame-free

Wax melts are usually warmed in an electric warmer, so there’s no flame involved. This means almost zero probability of fire accidents.

This is probably the best advantage of wax melts. NFPA estimates that 2% of the fire accidents in the US are caused by candles.

I don’t fancy such things in my beautiful home. Wax melts offer all the features of scented candles minus the flame.

Convenience of use

Wax melts are convenient to use, even in apartments, offices, commercial spaces where candles usually aren’t allowed.

Wax melts are quite convenient to use as you don’t need to monitor it like you do a candle. You can set it and forget.

Wax melts are portable and can be taken anywhere. As they are super compact they can be stored anywhere. You don’t even need matches or a lighter to light ’em up.

Wax melts are better for the environment

Wax melts are better for the environment as they don’t produce waste. They don’t leave any residue as normal candles do.

Wax melts are devoid of wicks and they don’t come in glass containers. Glass containers end up in landfills and it’s not ideal for the environment.

I am a minimalist and I love wax melts as they are quite efficient and don’t produce a lot of waste.

One can control the scent

You can control the strength of the scent if you use wax melts. You can cut the melt in half if you want less and add more melt cubes if you want a stronger scent.

One can also prepare a new scent by combining two different wax melts. There are also combination packs available in the market.

It is fun to create personalized aromas. You can also combine wax melts that are made for asthma patients with a melt that’s a nice aroma.

Wax melts offer more value

Wax melts offer more value as there is no wastage in general. Wax melts also release scent for longer periods when compared to the same sized candles.

I’ve tested this at home and wax melts seem to burn for longer periods compared to candles of the same volume.

Wax melts, in general, are cheaper compared to candles of the same volume. They are also cheaper than candles as they don’t have any containers.

Wax melts are cheaper than candles as they don’t have wicks or containers. So, you’ll be getting more value for the same money.

No Soot

Wax cubes don’t produce any soot as they’re devoid of wicks. This is a true blessing for many who hate soot(including me!).

Soot discolors furnishings/other things that are close to the candle. You can prevent such a situation by using wax melts.

Soot isn’t good for health too. People with respiratory problems don’t like to use scented candles as they produce soot.

Are Wax Melts safer than Candles?

Wax melts are perfectly safe for kids and pets alike. Even with kids at home, you can mind your own business as there’s no flame involved.

Wax cubes are generally safer than candles but the warmer gets quite hot. So, keep the electric warmer away from the reach of your kids/pets.

Do try to get wax melts that are made out of Soy wax. Soy wax doesn’t deteriorate one’s health like paraffin wax does.

Paraffin candles may contain Benzene

Commercially made scented candles often contain Benzene. Most mainstream brands use paraffin wax because it’s affordable.

Burning paraffin wax may generate Benzene. This compound is a carcinogen and it was proven that burning candles often generates Benzene fumes.

Some brands have started using Soy wax in their products. So, it’s crucial to check the ingredients list before you buy the product.

Do Wax Melts smell stronger than Candles?

Yes, it is common knowledge that wax melts have more fragrance in them than scented candles. So, if you want a stronger fragrance, choose wax cubes.

One can actually know this by looking at the labels of both candles and wax cubes. The percentage of fragrance additives varies in both.

Is there a market for Wax Melts?

Yes, the market share of wax melts has been growing rapidly in the past few years, and rightly so. 

Wax melts are quite popular in the US and the UK. The demand seems to be due to the convenience of use and affordability.

According to research, the wax melts market is growing at a CAGR of 12.5%. This is impressive. There is a market for wax melts, trust me. You can start crafting them with little investment.

Are Wax Melts better than Candles?

Yes, wax melts are better than candles in almost every possible way. The only downside to wax melts is they don’t produce light 😉

Wax cubes are great alternatives to scented candles in my opinion. They do everything a scented candle does and more.

Why are Wax Melts better than Candles?

Wax melts are better than candles as they are quite convenient to use. You can take them even to candle-prohibited areas.

Wax melts are cheaper and you can create a variety of custom fragrances using them. They are considered safer around kids and pets.

Happy molding 🙂