Why Isn't My Wax Warmer Melting The Wax

Why Isn’t My Wax Warmer Melting The Wax?(Explained & Solved!)

The wax warmer fails to melt wax if the bulb is not of the right wattage. The wax warmer also fails to melt the wax melts the room is too cold or the room is too drafty. If there’s no such problem, you may need to replace the warmer.

Problems with electric wax warmer are quite common. This is why I use a tealight wax warmer. There aren’t many parts in this warmer that could fail.

In this article, we shall look at all the reasons why wax warmers fail to melt the wax.

My Wax Warmer won’t melt the wax

There could be many reasons why your wax warmer isn’t melting the wax melts.

Choose the right light bulb

Fitting a bulb of lower/higher wattage is the main reason why wax warmers fail to melt the wax cubes.

In general, a plug-in wax warmer/Scentsy wall unit needs a 15W bulb. A medium-sized/three-piece wax warmer needs a 20W bulb, and a full-size one needs a 25W bulb.

Get the bulbs with the small candelabra base. Read the label and replace the bulb with the correct wattage. You can find these bulbs in Home repair stores/Superstores.

The room is too cold

Wax warmers don’t work well if the room is too cold. The bulb can’t keep up with the surrounding temperature if it’s too low.

Wax warmers don’t get hot enough in low temperatures. The efficiency of the warmers reduces in low temperatures.

Drafts in the room

Wax warmers don’t work to their full potential if there are a lot of drafts in the room. Don’t put the warmer near any open windows.

Drafts from windows, fans, air returns, and vents could affect the performance of wax warmers. Move the wax warmer away from such drafts.

Is the bulb fitted well?

Check if the bulb is fitted well. Loosely fitted bulbs don’t warm properly. They might go on and off, resulting in improper warming.

I haven’t heard of anyone reporting this as the reason but it’s important to account for all the possible causes.

Try another outlet

Try another power outlet just to make sure that you’re not dealing with a faulty power outlet. Press the reset button on the outlet if it’s a GFI.

I’ve had this experience previously, just not with an electric wax warmer. So, check if the power outlet you’re using is fine.

Get a new warmer!

If the wax warmer still doesn’t work after trying all the above solutions, it’s time to get a new wax warmer.

Scentsy offers a free replacement. You just need to contact the Scentsy representative, they’ll sort a new warmer for you.

25w bulb not melting wax

25W bulb doesn’t work on wax tarts whose melting point is higher than the usual 130-150F. 

Scentsy wax warmers usually require bulbs of wattage between 15-25W. This might not be suitable for all kinds of wax cubes.

Some wax tarts have higher melting points. There are some wax warmers that use a 40W bulb. Punched tin tart warmers often use a 40W bulb.

Make sure you’re not using an LED bulb in the wax warmer. LED bulbs don’t get warm enough to melt the wax melts.

Tea light wax burner not melting

Cheap Tealight wax warmers don’t melt wax efficiently. They only melt the wax tarts sparingly, or sometimes not at all.

Use good-quality Tealight wax burners to melt wax tarts properly. Use unscented candles in the tealight wax warmer.

Use metal cup unscented tealight candles from any reputable brands. Scented tealight candles burn at a higher temperature and could crack the burner.

How long does it take for the wax to start melting?

It takes 10-15 minutes for the wax to start melting. You need to stir the molten wax while it’s still melting.

The wax might reach up to 70°C temperature. Do not let the temperature exceed 80°C. High temperatures damage the warmer.

Bigger wax warmers tend to melt the wax melts quickly compared to the smaller ones. The plug-in warmers take a long time to melt wax melts.

Wax Melt not fully melting

Wax melts in the warmer don’t melt properly if there are drafts indoors. Drafts from windows, fans, and vents could affect the wax warmer performance.

If drafts are the reason for your wax warmer’s poor performance, move it away from windows/fans/vents.

Wax melts fail to melt fully if the bulb in the warmer is of low wattage. Check to make sure you’re using the right bulb.

Don’t use LED bulbs. I’ve seen people using LED bulbs in their warmers. LED bulbs aren’t warm enough to melt the wax tarts.

Scentsy element warmer not melting wax

There are various reasons why Scentsy element warmer isn’t melting wax melts. Let me mention a few reasons below.

  • Check that the bulb is securely screwed in.
  • Hit the reset button on the outlet if it’s a GFI.
  • Try a different power outlet.
  • Make sure the bulb you’re using is of the right wattage.
  • Don’t add many wax melts to the warmer. 1/2 wax cubes are enough.

Happy Molding 🙂