How To Warm Wax Melts Without Burner

How To Warm Wax Melts Without Burner?(Explained and Solved!)

You can warm wax melts by placing them in a microwave-safe bowl and placing this bowl in the oven. You can also warm wax melts by placing the wax melts on a hot plate. If you like a subtle fragrance, you can enjoy the cold throw of the wax melts.

Wax warmers can be expensive. People refrain from using wax melts probably because of this reason. Are there alternatives?

Is there a way to release the fragrance from the wax melts without the use of warmers? Can you make a warmer at home?

All these queries will be answered in this article. Let’s see how you can warm wax melts using simple tricks.

What can I use instead of a wax warmer?

There are a couple of methods to warm wax melts without the use of a wax warmer. Listed below are 5 methods to warm the wax melts without a warmer.

Stove method

You need a stove, a small pot, a medium-sized pot, and water to melt wax tarts using this method. Who doesn’t have a stove in their home?

Warm a small amount of water in the medium-sized pot. Place the small pot inside the medium-sized pot and put your wax melts in the smaller pot.

Place a coffee filter in the smaller pot before placing the wax melts. This prevents the wax from sticking to the pot. This method works for someone who can’t use candles indoors.

Mason Jar method

If you’re allowed to use candles indoors, you can use the Mason Jar method. This method is considered complex by some but it’s easy to set up.

You need a tealight candle, a Mason jar, a lighter, or a match long enough to kindle the candle inside the mason jar, and a shallow dish.

You need to place the tealight candle inside the mason jar. Light this candle up using the lighter. Place the shallow dish on top of the jar.

Put two or three wax melts in this shallow dish. After a while, the tealight candle should generate enough heat to melt the wax tarts.

Microwave method

Here is another method for people who don’t like open flames indoors. You need a microwave, a microwave-safe bowl, and wax tarts.

Place the wax melts into the microwave-safe bowl, and line it with a coffee filter to prevent the wax from sticking to the bowl.

Place this bowl in the oven for 10 minutes. Take the bowl out and stir the molten wax well. Repeat this until the wax becomes honey-like consistency.

Place this bowl in the room you want. The molten wax fills the indoors with fragrance. You can repeat the process once the wax hardens.

Hot plate method

This is also one of the great ways to melt wax melts without the use of an open flame. The catch is that not everyone has a Hot plate at home.

If you have a Hot plate, it is easy to warm wax melts. You need a bowl that can take some heat and your favorite wax melts.

Place two or three wax melts in the bowl and place the bowl on the Hot plate. Ensure the hot plate is on a low setting to prevent overheating.

Cold throw

The cold throw of wax melts isn’t actually a method. You don’t need to do anything, place the wax melts in a bowl and wait.

Wax melts of some brands have a strong cold throw while some don’t. Cold throw is best for people who like a subtle fragrance indoors.

Essential oils have a great cold throw but a pitiful hot throw. Fragrance oil has a great cold throw. So, choose candles with fragrance oils if you want to use the tarts for a cold throw.

Can you make your own wax warmer?

Yes, you can make a wax warmer at home. You basically want to warm the wax melts indirectly, without the flame touching them.

You need the below items to make this homemade wax warmer. I’ve tried this and it’s working wonderfully.

  • Empty Aluminium can
  • Tealight candles
  • A knife
  • A tool to punch the holes into the can


You basically make a hole large enough to accommodate a candle still small enough to protect the candle from drifts.

Make some holes at the top of the Aluminium can to let the hot air out. Place the candle inside and some wax melts on the top of the can.

Watch the video for a clearer demonstration. You can create a unique fragrance by using a candle of a different scent.

You can use an unscented candle to ensure that you get only the fragrance from the wax melts.

Happy molding 🙂