Can Stained Glass be Hung Outside

Can Stained Glass be Hung Outside? (Myths Busted!)

Yes, Stained glass can be hung outside without a doubt. There are some precautions you can take if you want your precious glass to be safe.

Stained glass art pieces are made to last, so you want to protect them from external factors. Let’s discuss the best ways to hang stained glass outdoors.

How to weatherproof copper foil stained glass?

Copper foiled stained glass art is easily affected by external factors. In the case of copper foil-stained glass, solder acts only as a stiffener.

It is the glue that binds copper foil to stained glass. This is the reason why external factors easily affect the copper foil stained glass.

Stained glass fused together by copper foil is not water-proof. You can prevent any damage to your stained glass by soldering a reinforcing wire along the perimeter of the stained glass piece.

If you want to weatherproof your stained glass, mount a clear glass in front of it. Leave a small space between the clear glass and the stained glass.

You can also use mosaic techniques to make your stained glass piece weatherproof. If you’re uninitiated in mosaic techniques, consult your glass supplier.

Does stained glass fade in the sun?

No, stained glass doesn’t fade in the sun. Actual faceted stained glass doesn’t fade in the sun. 

Stained glass is made of glass that has metallic particles in it. These metallic particles give the glass its color, so the color is stable.

There are various methods to make stained glass. If the color is not baked in, the stained glass will fade if over-exposed to the UV rays.

The only way quality stained glass fades is if it’s overheated. Stained glass is valuable especially because it’s durable and lasts for decades.

How do you protect stained glass outside?

The leaded stained glass needs no protection even outdoors. It can sustain the external conditions efficiently. Stained glass with copper foils needs to be protected.

  • You can cover your precious stained glass with a piece of clear glass.
  • You may want to solder the perimeter of the stained glass art piece with a reinforcing wire.
  • Painting the copper cames also seemed to work for some.
  • You can apply a layer of Polycarbonate glazing on the side of the stained glass which faces the sun.

Tip: Hang lead camed stained glass outside if possible as lead withstands external conditions well.

How to reinforce stained glass?

The best way to reinforce stained glass is by using the Morton strongline copper wires. Lead cames and Metal rods can also be used to reinforce the stained glass.

Stained glass made with lead cames is pretty durable. You only need to look after the stained glass that is made with copper cames.

Here’s how!

One can reinforce stained glass using copper strips. Make sure the reinforcement is as short as possible, this is to increases the stability of the stained glass.

If you see that a lead line is folding, reinforce perpendicular to it. Solder the backside first so it is proud on the backside first.

You may want to tack in solder lightly as you work on your stained glass. Bent-nosed pliers come in handy if you want to bend corners.

Use a 10 mm copper strip on a stained glass that has many curves in its design. If the design doesn’t have many curves use Morton strongline.

How long does stained glass last?

The real faceted stained glass art pieces last for 75-150 years. Even after so many years, they can be reused if you re-lead the stained glass.

The glass itself is pretty durable, you may only need to repair the frames and/or the cames. This is not that costly to do.

The glass that is painted would last for a shorter period of time. So, always choose faceted stained glass if you want it to last long and look iconic.

Which side of stained glass faces outside?

You probably heard many people say that the textured side of the stained glass should face outward. Sunlight refracts on the textured surface making the stained glass shine.

You can attach a plain piece of glass to this textured side of the stained glass. This ensures that your copper came stained glass is safe.

How to hang stained glass outside?

You may want to cover the outer side of the stained glass with clear glass to prevent any potential damage caused by external factors.

Solder jump rings or other kinds of rings to the piece of stained glass. Make sure the stained glass sits in a strong frame.

You can use this type of chain to hang the stained glass art. I use the chain to hang my craft on the patio and I can honestly say I am quite happy with them.

Now that you’re done with it get some rest, you deserve it! Happy Crafting 🙂