Can You Put Candles In The Microwave?

Can You Put Candles In The Microwave? (Read This First!)

Yes, you can put candles in the microwave oven but I wouldn’t advise melting wax using this method. This is very dangerous, don’t ever try it. You’ll most likely cause a fire accident if you put candles in the microwave. A safe way to melt candles in the microwave is by putting the candle in a bowl of water. This helps prevent any accidents.

It’s not wise to ask if you can do this or not. The question is should you do this or not. Don’t ever try this at home, you’ll regret it.

I’ve noticed that the wax doesn’t heat up even after putting the setting on high. Don’t keep it in the oven for a long time.

Some people seem to get away with this by taking some necessary precautions. We will discuss those precautions in this article.

This article is just for informational purposes. We don’t recommend trying this method. We just discuss the disadvantages of using this method and how dangerous it can be.

Is it safe to put a Candle in the Microwave?

No, it’s not safe to put a candle in the microwave oven. The smoke from the candle wax fills up in the oven and this can cause fire accidents.

I’ve seen people start a fire in minutes by doing this. So, it’s definitely not safe to put a candle in the Microwave.

You don’t want to be away from the Microwave even for seconds. Ideally, you watch the candle closely as it gets heated.

There are a few precautions to prevent any such accidents. I will list them out below, do remember all of them if you ever attempt to do this.

Precautions for Melting Candles in Microwave

You must take these precautions while melting candles in the oven. You might avoid an accident if you follow these precautions.

  • Use a microwave-safe container for the best results.
  • Don’t heat continuously, it heats up the jug. Never leave wax unattended in the oven.
  • Be super careful when handling the hot wax to avoid serious burns.
  • Lower the power levels of your microwave oven as different wax has different melting points.
  • Ask the company that manufactures the Soy wax, if it can be melted in the microwave(I’m almost certain they’d say no).
  • If you want to melt Soy wax, melt the wax that hasn’t already been used.
  • You can re-use the jug/container for candle making but don’t use it for storing food.

Can Wax be melted in the Microwave?

Yes, wax can be melted in a Microwave oven. It takes some time to melt the wax, but it melts when the bowl gets heated enough.

The wax melts not directly but indirectly as the microwave-safe bowl heats up. The bowl then heats up the wax and melts it.

People seem to use this method as an oven can be found anywhere unlike a double-boiler. Follow the afore-mentioned precautions to stay safe.

Can Soy Wax be melted in a Microwave?

Yes, Soy Wax can be melted in a Microwave oven. This method is a quick and convenient way for melting a small batch of Soy wax flakes.

Put the wax remnants in a container and keep this container in a bowl of water for the best results. The water heats up and melts the wax.

I usually heat the soy wax for 4 minutes in the Microwave oven. Use a plastic container rather than a glass one for safety purposes.

Place the wick properly, you can keep it in place using a wick bar. Be careful while removing the melted wax from the oven as it’s probably hot.

Can you put a Yankee candle in the Microwave?

No, don’t put a Yankee candle in the Microwave oven. Putting the remnants of a Yankee candle in a Microwave oven is not safe.

The bottom part of the wick in a Yankee candle is attached to a small piece of metal. I don’t think it’s wise to put such an object in the Microwave oven.

If you want to put the remnants in an oven, remove the piece of metal and do it. I think it’s somewhat safer if you do it this way.

Can you microwave Bath and Body Works candles?

Yes, you can put the Bath and Bodyworks candles in a bowl of water and microwave them for 5 minutes. Watch the process carefully.

If some unwanted incident occurs you need to be close enough to turn the microwave off.

Pour 1.5 cups of water into a bowl and add the candle remnants to the bowl. Take the bowl out using Oven mitts or a hand towel.

Place this in a fridge to solidify it again. Again, I don’t recommend this method of melting down the candles at all, it’s extremely dangerous.

How long to melt candle wax in a Microwave?

It takes 5-10 minutes for candle wax to melt in a Microwave. It might take longer if you put the candle wax in a water bowl.

Make sure the water bowl you use is a microwaveable container. Increase the temperature gradually for the best results.

Observe the oven as you gradually increase the temperature to prevent any unwanted outcomes. Heat the candle in 2-minute intervals to avoid any accidents.

Take a larger container than the wax in it for the best results. Wax expands upon heating and you don’t want a small container for this.

Can I put a glass candle in the Microwave?

Only put a glass candle in the Microwave if you know that it’s Microwave-friendly. Colored or Bubble glass containers aren’t usually Microwave-friendly.

You must ensure that the container is Microwave-friendly to prevent any accidents in the oven. If you are unsure of this fact, don’t use the container.

As I advised previously, put the candle in some water. The candle melts as the water heats up.

I don’t advise putting wax in the Microwave though, as the wax might contain metal in it. If the wax has metal in it, it could turn into a disaster quickly.

Happy Crafting 🙂