Are Mod Podge and PVA The Same?

Are Mod Podge and PVA The Same? (Quick Facts!)

No, Mod Podge decoupage medium and PVA glue aren’t the same. Mod Podge has PVA glue in it in addition to various tackifiers and fillers that help it function as a glue, sealer, and finish. Mod Podge decoupage medium’s consistency is the reason why the surfaces look good for longer periods.

Mod Podge is used in a variety of projects by craftsmen. The product was first made to be used in kids’ projects, but it’s now widely used.

Many people posed this question to me on various occasions. They always said that Mod Podge and PVA glue were the same.

In this article, we shall discuss the differences between Mod Podge and PVA glue, if any.

Are Mod Podge and PVA the same?

No, Mod Podge and PVA glue aren’t the same. We can say Mod Podge decoupage medium and PVA glue are similar.

They are similar in the sense that they both contain PVA glue. PVA glue is the main ingredient in Mod Podge but there are other additives in it too.

Mod Podge has PVA glue in it and it’s similar to Elmer’s glue/Regular PVA glue but it has various sealers and varnishes.

Mod Podge works way better on ink-jet printed surfaces than watered-down PVA glue. Watered-down PVA glue distorts the ink on such surfaces.

Mod Podge was designed to be ink agnostic as it was made specifically for decoupaging purposes. Mod Podge is not just glue, it’s also a sealer and a finish.

Can PVA be used instead of Mod Podge?

No, I don’t recommend using PVA glue instead of Mod Podge. PVA glue doesn’t have the fillers and tackifiers the Mod Podge decoupage medium has.

Some people recommend watered-down PVA glue as an alternative to Mod Podge decoupage medium, but I wouldn’t do it.

I decoupage only the things that I value a lot. This is why I don’t usually experiment with PVA glue to decoupage my art.

Once I tried, it didn’t work. I believe the proportion in which you mix water with PVA glue is crucial. We discussed this in a previous article.

Do a smear test if you wanna use watered-down PVA glue to decoupage. Trust me, you’ll avoid a lot of hassle by doing this.

Is Mod Podge better than PVA?

Yes, the Mod Podge decoupage medium is better than the homemade/PVA decoupage medium if you want a good finish on the surface. Mod Podge has PVA glue in it, there’s no ignoring the fact but it also has several tackifiers and fillers.

Mod Podge not only glues things but also seals them. Mod Podge is also famously used to add a finish to surfaces.

Mixing water in PVA glue in the right ratios isn’t for anyone. Even a slight miscalculation can ruin your precious craft projects.

I believe that Mod Podge removes all this hassle of mixing glue in water, so you can focus on what matters the most, crafting!

Is Mod Podge watered down glue?

No, Mod Podge has various varnishes and sealers in addition to PVA glue. I can assure you won’t get the same results with watered-down PVA glue as the Mod Podge.

It’s so hard to achieve even the consistency of Mod Podge. I’m not sure even if you’re able to do that you’ll get the same results as using the Mod Podge medium.

Mod Podge was specifically designed for decoupaging, which is why it’s ink agnostic.

If you want to try watered-down glue, do a smear test first. If it doesn’t ruin the project in any manner, go ahead and use it.

Is Mod Podge the same as Wood Glue?

No, Mod Podge isn’t the same as Wood glue. Wood glue is another name for Elmer’s glue/School glue. Common white glue is often referred to as Wood glue.

PVA glue is the main ingredient in Wood glue but that doesn’t mean it has the same qualities as Mod Podge decoupage medium.

Different types of sealers and varnishes attribute the sought-after characteristics to the Mod Podge decoupage medium.

Both these products might look the same but Mod Podge is much more than just PVA glue.

Happy Crafting 🙂