Mod Podge Too Thick

Mod Podge Too Thick? (Here’s Why & How to Thin It!)

You need to thin Mod Podge if you want to use it for general glaring. You can also thin Mod Podge down if you want to apply thin layers on a surface. Thinning Mod Podge using water helps prevent brush streaks too.

Mod Podge is used in a variety of crafts and rightly so. Mod Podge is a Decoupage medium that’s used to glue and seal things.

Mod Podge was first made for use in kids’ craft projects. Now it is used by craft enthusiasts like us.

In some cases, Mod Podge might seem too thick for a project. Maybe you just want to apply thin layers onto a surface.

In this article, we shall discuss why sometimes Mod Podge layer comes out thick. You’ll discover ways to thin Mod Podge.

How To Thin Mod Podge?

Add 1 cup of water to 4 cups of Mod Podge to a suitable mixing bowl. Take a fork/spoon and mix well to make a fine solution.

If you mix Mod Podge in such proportions you’ll keep its characteristics intact while still making it thinner. So, don’t add more water than we advised.

You may add less water than we advised but don’t go over that amount. Dampen the paper a little before applying Mod Podge to it to prevent wrinkles.

Some people advise using Oil or other solvents as a thinner. I don’t recommend this at all. They might react with the solvents of Mod Podge.

Note: Don’t use electronic means to mix Mod Podge with water. Use a spoon/fork or another tool to mix.

Can Mod Podge be thinned with water?

Yes, Mod Podge can be thinned with water. Take 1 part of water and 4 parts of Mod Podge in a mixing bowl and stir well to make a fine mixture.

Thin the Mod Podge solution only if it comes out too thick on paper. You may also wanna thin out Mod Podge if brush strokes are visible.

When mixing water in Mod Podge don’t use any electronic means to do so. You’ll aerate the solution if you use electronic gadgets.

You may use a spoon, fork, or other mechanical means to mix water in Mod Podge. Only mix in the 1:4 ratio, the lesser the better.

Only use water for thinning Mod Podge. Some people might advise using oil or other solutions to thin Mod Podge, trust me, it’s a bad idea.

Is Outdoor Mod Podge too thick?

Yes, Outdoor Mod Podge is thicker than other variants of Mod Podge. Outdoor Mod Podge is made thicker purposefully.

You’ll notice that the brush strokes are quite visible when applying the Outdoor Mod Podge.

This happens because the Outdoor Mod Podge is thicker than the usual Decoupage medium. You may wanna use a foam brush/sponge to avoid brush strokes.

Outdoor Mod Podge is made thicker so that it could handle a variety of external conditions. Use a soft-bristled brush or foam brush.

After applying a coat of Mod Podge let it dry for an hour. Sand the Decoupage layer using steel wool. Do this after every coat.

Outdoor Mod Podge finish looks glossy. Brushstrokes are clearly visible when compared to the other variants of Mod Podge.

Don’t thin Mod Podge!

I don’t advise thinning down Mod Podge as it could damage the surface. Diluting Mod Podge curls up the paper.

Only thin down Mod Podge if you want to use it for general glaring purposes. You may also do it if the layer seems to be too thick.

Only use the amount of Decoupage medium you need and it’d work fine. After applying Decoupage, roll it out using a roller to remove bubbles in the layer.

Dampening the paper before applying Decoupage medium on it solves the problem. It won’t come out in a thick layer. Thinned Mod Podge doesn’t have brush streaks after being cured.

Use Mod Podge as it is and don’t thin it down, it works for most purposes. Use a foam brush or sponge to decoupage surfaces well.

Will thick Mod Podge dry clear?

Yes, Mod Podge might appear thick when you first apply it. It’ll dry clear once it gets cured properly.

It only takes a while for Mod Podge to dry off but it could take up to a month for it to cure. It should dry clear after the curing time.

I know why people get concerned about it drying clear. It appears cloudy just after applying. Trust me, Mod Podge will dry clear after a while.

Don’t worry, Mod Podge won’t dry out white. This only happens when you use an outdated bottle of Mod Podge.


I don’t recommend watering down Mod Podge at all. Watered down Mod Podge leaves smears on paper. The paper gets wrinkled.

If you notice that the layers are thick, use a foam brush to apply Mod Podge. You can apply thin layers if you use a foam brush/sponge.

Watering down the Mod Podge only works when using it for general glaring. It also lets you apply Decoupage medium in thin layers.

But remember, don’t add too much water to Mod Podge, it’ll just go waste.

Happy Mod Podging 🙂