Mod Podge Drying White

Mod Podge Drying White? (Here’s Why & How to Fix It!)

Mod Podge dries out white if you apply too much of it at once(Decoupage clumping). Mod Podge also dries out white if you live in a cold/humid climate. Mod Podge also dries out white if you apply the second layer before the first layer dries off. Mod Podge could dry out white if you used a bottle whose contents expired.

Mod Podge is used to seal things like Paper, Fabric to any porous surface. Mod Podge usually dries clear on surfaces.

If Mod Podge is drying white you’d obviously want to find out. In some cases, the decoupage medium dries out white.

In this article, we will find out why Mod Podge dries white. We shall also discuss the ways to fix Mod Podge that dries out white.

Why did my Mod Podge not dry clear?

Mod Podge doesn’t dry clear when clumping happens, i.e., when too much of it is applied. Mod Podge also appears white if you apply the next layer without letting the first one dry. Mod Podge also doesn’t dry clear if you live in a cold/humid climate.

Mod Podge Clumping

Mod Podge dries white if you apply too much Mod Podge/Decoupage medium on a surface. This is called Clumping.

Always apply Mod Podge in layers for the best results. Applying too much/thickly on a surface leads to clumping.

Apply several thin layers of Mod Podge to avoid clumping. You then let the project sit and wait for it to dry completely.

You applied the second layer before the first one dried

Mod Podge also dries out white if you apply the second layer before the first one dries out completely.

The ideal way to apply Mod Podge is to apply several thin layers on the surface. Let the first layer dry out before applying a second one.

Let the layer dry out for 20-40 minutes. Being patient for a while isn’t easy but with Mod Podge it pays to be patient.

You can use a blow dryer to speed up the process of drying. I do this all the time, maybe I am not patient enough 🙂

Cold/Humid climate

Mod Podge doesn’t dry off clearly and turns white if you live in a cold/humid climate.

Any decoupage medium takes a while to dry off in a humid climate. Don’t keep your project outdoors to dry in winter.

Decoupage medium dries out the best at room temperature, so, keep this in mind.

Bad bottle/Expired Decoupage

Decoupage medium won’t dry out clear if it got expired or you’ve opened the bottle a long time ago. Use Mod Podge as soon as possible once you open the bottle.

If you open the Decoupage bottle/Mod Podge, use it in 6 months. Unopened decoupage medium can be used in 2 years.

This situation is quite rare but I’ve seen this happen with people. Some have even used bottles that are 5 years or older. Don’t do that, you’ll spoil your precious craft.

Applying to a small-mouthed jar

Mod Podge doesn’t dry clear if you apply it inside a small-mouthed jar. In such cases, Mod Podge dries out cloudy white.

You may want to help the Decoupage medium dry using a blow dryer.

How do you fix Cloudy Mod Podge?

Below are few instructions to fix cloudy Mod Podge on your craft projects.

  • Let the project sit overnight and check it in the morning. If it dries off clear fine, if it doesn’t try the below tricks.
  • Try to dry off the Mod Podge layer using a spray dryer. It takes some patience and effort, but it’s definitely worth it.
  • Poke holes into the Mod Podge lump using a needle and let the air in. It should dry off and become clear shortly.
  • Moving your craft piece to a warmer place helps with the drying off too.
  • You may also want to stick the craft project in a food dehydrator to clear off the cloudy lump.
  • Did the paint on your craft mix with the Decoupage medium? If this is the case the next time let the paint dry completely before applying Mod Podge on it.

How to prevent Cloudy Mod Podge?

Apply only thin layers and let each layer dry off well before applying the next one. If you live in a cold climate, move the craft project to a warmer place. Don’t use expired Decoupage medium in your projects. Don’t apply too much Mod Podge on your craft, it won’t dry off clear.

Apply thin layers

Apply thin layers of Mod Podge for the best results. If you apply too much Decoupage medium at one go it results in a white coat, not a clear one.

Apply several thin layers over the surface if you want to cover your project properly.

Let the layer dry

Let the Decoupage layer dry off before you apply another on it. If you don’t follow this simple rule, your Decoupage medium will turn white.

Give the Decoupage medium layer 20-40 minutes to dry off. You can reduce this time by drying off the layer using a blow dryer.

Cold/Humid Climate

If you live in a cold/humid climate, the Decoupage medium doesn’t dry off clear. It might dry off white.

It takes a long time to dry off in cold/humid conditions. You can skip this process by drying the layer off using a blow dryer.

Be sure to use the right Decoupage medium

Using the right type of Decoupage medium is crucial if you want the right texture on the surface of your craft project.

Mod Podge matte will dry off clear but gives a matte finish. Mod Podge glossy also dries off clear but looks glossy.

There are many more types of Decoupage media. You just need to choose the right one for your craft project.

Don’t use old/expired Decoupage medium

Using Decoupage medium that’s quite old has adverse effects on your craft project. The Decoupage medium could dry off white.

Use all of the Decoupage medium in 6 months if you opened the bottle already. Unopened Decoupage medium stays fine for up to 2 years.

Happy Crafting 🙂