Is Stained Glass an Expensive Hobby

Is Stained Glass an Expensive Hobby? (Fact Checker!)

Yes, stained glass art is a very expensive hobby but one can start the craft affordably using starter kits.

Stained glass crafting is an art. Not many can do it but those who put their soul into it can produce amazing pieces of art.

Stained glass is so amazing that it is used in the windows of famous churches all over the world. But is the craft light on pockets?

Is Stained Glass an Expensive Hobby?

If you are asking this question I am assuming you are a beginner. This is a very good craft to get into. If you inject passion into this art it will definitely pay off.

This craft is expensive but it will be worth it. I know many people who are living off the income generated by this craft.

You could do this too if you put your heart and soul into learning this.

How much does it cost to get into stained glass craft?

This is a common question. This is what I asked when I first got into Stained glass art. It depends on how you want to learn the art and how far you intend to go.

I mean if you want to pursue it as a hobby, a starter kit would suffice. If you want to go pro, eventually you may need to spend more.

The art is expensive inherently. The cost of supplies alone is a lot.

For Beginners

Beginners can start crafting with less investment. You can buy a starter kit for ~100$. It works great for learning purposes.

You need to have a soldering iron and other hand tools. A budding artist needs tools that make it easier for him/her.

I recommend getting yourself a Morton cutting system. If you can’t afford the system, at least buy the Morton cutting board.


Going to classes is quite crucial if you’re serious about learning the craft. You will find that there are many online classes that teach the art of stained glass.

But, I always advise people to learn crafting first-hand. Ask around your town. Socialize with people that craft stained glass.

I am sure you’ll learn a lot by befriending professional artists. Some may even teach you. That’s how I got started.

You’ll not only save a lot of money this way but also learn the art the way it should be learned.

Stained Glass Start-up Costs

One needs to buy a variety of things if he/she wants to learn this craft. You need to buy hand tools, soldering iron, raw material, etc.

You’ll see costs rising rapidly. So, for starters invest only in what you definitely need.

Want to up your game?

Let’s say you’ve learned the art. How expensive would it be to keep crafting awesome stained glass crafts? What are recurring expenses? What are one-time purchases?

Ideally, you should allocate a big chunk of your budget to buy beautiful colored glass. Do not spend much on tools.

Fixed Expenses

  • A Stained Glass Grinder                Check Price
  • Pattern Shears                              Check Price
  • Glass Cutter                                    Check Price
  • Stained glass pliers                      Check Price
  • Soldering Irons                              Check Price
  • Stained glass soldering boards    Check Price
  • Glass Saw                                        Check Price

Recurring Expenses

Knowing about the recurring expenses is essential to decide whether you want to get into this hobby or not.

  • Flux                                                  Check Price
  • Patina                                              Check Price
  • Copper foil tape                              Check Price

The Starter kit

You can buy a starter kit at ~100$. If you practice this craft passionately, you can make the amount in no time. This art sells itself if you do it right.

Socialize with your fellow crafters and organize craft/art events in your locality. This increases exposure to your craft.

I know many crafters who make a good living crafting stained glass.

You can upgrade your tool-kit occasionally when you run out of supplies. This is a nice kit to buy when you feel you’re running out of supplies.


In the end, tools and supplies don’t make the design or craft items. You do. Do it passionately and you will surely make a living in any art/craft.

Get started today. Find that expert who people said lives in your neighborhood. Take lessons from him, learn from such artists.

Get yourself a starter kit and practice like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll soon be making awesome stained glass decor.

Happy Crafting :))