Can You Put Glitter in Candles?

Can You Put Glitter in Candles? (Explained and Solved!)

Yes, you can use Polyester glitter to make your candles shimmery. If you don’t want to contribute to environmental pollution, use Bioglitter. Bioglitter is made using vegetable starch, so you can use it without worry. Alternatively, you can also add glitter to the outer surfaces of the candle. Always use non-flammable glitter in candle molding.

Adding glitter to candles is a great way to make them prettier. You’ll be giving your customers another reason to cherish your products.

Many crafters wonder if they can add glitter to their candles. They wonder if it’s safe or not. They also don’t know the exact process of adding glitter to candles.

There are specific types of glitter that can be added to candles without an issue. We try to explain all the nitty-gritty details of adding that shimmer to candles.

Is Glitter safe in Candles?

Yes, you can add glitter to candles to make ’em prettier. It is completely safe as long as you use non-flammable glitter in candles.

Glitter and wax don’t mix well. So, don’t ever add chunky, large pieces of glitter to your candles. It not only looks odd it might cause fire hazards too.

Always add fine glitter to candles for safety purposes. Even mixing fine glitter directly in wax doesn’t work, the glitter is barely visible.

There are safer ways to add glitter to candles, let’s discuss them in detail.

What Glitter is safe for Candles?

Fine glitter that’s not flammable is safe for use in candle making. Don’t use regular glitter that you get from the local craft store. It is flammable as it’s made from plastic.

Regular glitter is non-biodegradable too. You need to use glitter that is bio-degradable and is made from non-flammable material.

Bioglitter is made from vegetable starch, making it bio-degradable and non-flammable. I use this product in my craft projects all the time.

Oftentimes you’ll find that glitter is made of paper. This makes the product flammable and not ideal for candle making.

So, it is crucial to read the label on the glitter box. If the ingredients aren’t mentioned on the label, don’t buy the product.

Can you put Biodegradable Glitter in the Candles?

Yes, it is safe to put bio-degradable glitter in candles. This is what I recommend to my readers all the time. Use bio-degradable material wherever possible.

Bioglitter produces bio-degradable glitter. You can use the glitter to produce candles that are fire-proof but still shimmery.

Biodegradable Glitter is devoid of any chemicals, heavy metals, or plastic. So, you can use it to make candles without a doubt.

Can you use Polyester Glitter in Candles?

Yes, you can use Polyester glitter in candles. Polyester glitter can take heat up to 350F. It has a balanced structure and blends into wax flawlessly.

It is somewhat expensive but you have a great choice of colors and sizes. It is used widely in molding projects thanks to its high burning point.

Unfortunately, Polyester glitter is quite expensive as it’s usually used in long-term projects.

Using Polyester glitter may not sit well with health-conscious/environment-conscious people. So, use some organic alternatives if you want to produce 100% green products.

Can you use bio glitter in candles?

Yes, you can use Bioglitter to mold shimmery candles. Bioglitter is made of decomposable/organic materials, so it doesn’t harm either the environment or humans.

Bioglitter is devoid of any chemicals, heavy metals, or plastic. So, burning such a candle won’t pose any problems to the environment or your customers.

Can you put Normal Glitter in Candles?

No, don’t use the regular glitter that you can get from craft stores. Regular glitter is usually made from plastic, so it’s inflammable.

Regular glitter is cheap for a reason, it is made from plastic. Burning plastic isn’t good for the environment too. I’d never used the regular glitter in candles.

There are some safe, gentle, bio-degradable glitters in the market, use those. Bio-degradable glitter is made from vegetable starch, so it’s quite safe.

Can you decorate candles with glitter?

Yes, you can decorate candles with glitter. You can add glitter to the top of the candle once it cools down a bit.

Mixing glitter in the molten wax isn’t a good idea. The glitter wouldn’t be visible. Alternatively, you can sprinkle glitter on the inner sides of the container.

There are also ways to paint glitter on the candle. Some people use double-sided tape to decorate candles with glitter.

You can also use a heat gun to heat the outer surface of the candle. Spread some glitter on a surface and roll this candle on it, gently.

Can you put Edible Glitter in Candles?

No, don’t use edible glitter in candles. Edible glitter is usually made of sugar, that’s what makes it edible. It releases an odor upon burning.

This isn’t ideal. You shouldn’t add material to candles that change the fragrance. You can use the alternatives.

Can you put Craft Glitter in Candles?

No, don’t add Craft Glitter to candles. The Candle Glitter you get from a local store is made from plastic, burning it isn’t advised.

There are gentle, safer, bio-degradable glitters in the market. Use them if you care about the environment. One can use Polyester glitter too.

Can you put Glitter in Gel Candles?

Yes, you can use non-flammable glitter in your gel candles. Read the label to find the details about the glitter. If it isn’t mentioned, don’t buy it.

One can use bio-degradable glitter in gel candles. You can also use Polyester glitter to add some shimmer to gel candles.

Polyester glitter is quite expensive, but it is suitable for candle making in my opinion.

Can you put Glitter in Soy Candles?

Yes, you can put glitter in Soy candles. Just make sure you use fine glitter. I use Martha Stewart glitter in my projects.

Pour molten wax into the container. Add some glitter into this container while the wax is still warm. You’ll find that glitter sits on the wax, this is because glitter is lighter than wax.

After a while glitter mixes into the wax. Keep shaking the container and adding glitter until you’re satisfied.

Give the container a little swirl if you think the glitter isn’t reaching the edges. Use only bio-degradable glitter as you want everything in the candle to be organic.

Can you put sprinkles in Soy candles?

No, don’t put candy sprinkles in Soy candles. Sugar doesn’t smell good when burned, you’ll only spoil the candle’s fragrance.

Never decorate your candle with material that’s made of sugar. You might make it look pretty but you’ll ruin the fragrance.

Is Glitter toxic when burned?

Yes, the regular glitter bought from the craft store is toxic when burned as it’s made of plastics like PLA, PET, or other substances.

When burned, such plastic material emits smoke which is not at all healthy for humans. It is also bad for the environment.

I don’t usually advise people to add glitter to their candles. More often than not people ruin their candles by doing this.

The smell of the burnt glitter spoils the fragrance of the candle too. Use alternatives like bio-degradable glitter or Polyester glitter.

Using Mica Powder instead of Glitter

Yes, you can use Mica powder to make beautiful candles. It needs to be added to the wax while it’s still hot. Mix it thoroughly.

Mica powder can be used to add that ‘marbled’ look to candles/wax melts. Add a teaspoon of Mica powder for every 16 ounces of wax flakes.

Some candle makers don’t like to use Mica powder to make candles. They say that it clogs up the wick and looks artificial.

If this concerns you, you can just paint the finished candle using Mica powder. You can make pretty candles by doing this too.

Happy Molding 🙂