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21 Most Famous Stained Glass Windows In Churches(Must Read!)

Stained glass windows in York Minster, Sainte Chapelle are some of the greatest stained glass arts of all time. Some of the magnificent stained glass windows can also be seen in Chicago Cultural Center and Resurrection Cemetery Mausoleum. Stained glass windows are also present in Blue Mosque and Nasir al-Mulk Mosque.

Stained glass windows were used to depict the stories of the Bible. They were loved by the people of the middle ages and they are loved now too.

But what are the most loved stained glass windows of all time? Where are they located? Why are they loved by people even now?

In this article, we shall discuss the most famous stained glass windows. We will also discuss why they’re famous.

What is the most famous stained glass window?

Below is a list of the most famous stained glass windows in the world. Every single one of them is magnificent so we couldn’t pick one.

Sainte Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle is a royal chapel within the Palais de la Cité, a palace of the French monarchy until the 14th century.

This chapel is considered one of the greatest monuments of the Rayonnant period of Gothic architecture. This church was built during Louis IX’s reign.

Despite getting damaged during the french revolution, the stained glass collection is quite magnificent. This chapel is no longer a church, it got secularised after the french revolution.

saint chapelle stained glass

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is situated in the Prague Castle complex. This Cathedral is a great example of Gothic architecture.

This Cathedral is one of the most magnificent in the world, thanks to its stained glass windows. These stained glass windows perfectly encapsulate religious beliefs and human emotions.

The creation rose window and the other stained glass windows in this Cathedral are a must-see.

st vitus cathedral stained glass

John Piper’s Baptistry Window, Coventry Cathedral

Baptistry Window in Coventry Cathedral is an abstract design by John Piper. This magnificent window consists of 195 individual panes in a reinforced concrete frame.

This Cathedral is located in the UK. Don’t miss it if you happen to visit Coventry.

john pipers coventry

Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian

Four beautiful stained glass windows spanning 64 m from the floor to the ceiling are dedicated to the city’s patron Saint Sebastian.

This church was built in 1865 in Lipa, Philippines.

Chartres Cathedral

There are magnificent rose windows in this Cathedral, one each in the North, South, and the West. In addition to these, there are countless other stained glass windows, some dating back to the 12th century.

Chartres Cathedral is located in Chartres, France. This Cathedral was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Cathedral boasts of its 13th-century architecture.

Of course, do visit this architectural marvel if you happen to visit France.

chartres cathedral

York Minster

York Minster looks magnificent. The Minster was devoted to Saint Peter. The West window of the Nave and the east window of the Lady Chapel are great pieces of art.

The south transept has a rose window while the west window is heart-shaped colloquially called ‘The Heart of Yorkshire’.

The Great East window has a depiction of Adam and Eve, called ‘The fall from grace. Do visit this Cathedral if you’re in York.

york minster stained glass

The Cathedral of Augsburg

The Cathedral of Augsburg is a roman catholic church that was built in the 11th century. The Cathedral was built in a romanesque style with some 14th-century additions.

This Cathedral has the famous Prophet Windows that depict Prophet Daniel. The Cathedral has a variety of other stained glass windows that are adored by visitors.

The Cathedral is located in Bavaria, Germany.

augsberg cathedral stained glass

Christ of Wissembourg

The Christ of Wissembourg is a famous stained glass in the Abbey of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul located in Strasbourg, France.

The Cathedral has a rose window, Heart of the Jesus, and other stained glass windows which attract a lot of pilgrims.

Christ of Wissembourg is what remained of a bust figure of Jesus Christ. Experts say that this stained glass artwork dates back to the 11th century(or 13th, it’s debated).

King’s College Chapel

King’s College Chapel is located in Cambridge, UK. The Chapel is home to some of the most magnificent stained glass windows in the world.

The Great East Window is quite magnificent not only in size but in its brilliance. Many other beautifully crafted stained glass windows can be seen here.

The Chapel’s stained glass windows were completed by 1531. The Chapel was built by following Perpendicular Gothic English architecture.

King's College Chapel

Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral is a roman catholic church located in Aachen, Germany. The church was built in the 10th century.

The stained glass windows are magnificent and wonderfully crafted. The stained glass windows helped illuminate the large gold coffin of Emperor Charlemagne.

There are a variety of stained glass windows in this beautiful church. Don’t miss this wonderful place when you visit Germany.

St. Joseph’s Church le Havre

The St. Joseph’s Church in le Havre has 12,768 pieces of stained glass art in it. This modern church is interested in keeping ancient art alive.

The church was built from 1951-58. The stained glass was affixed with the help of Marguerite Huré. The glass was made with a combination of seven primary colors.

The church’s interiors are a treat to the eyes, do visit here if you happen to visit Le Havre.

St. Joseph's Church le Havre

Cathedral of Brasilia

The roof is entirely made of colorful stained fiberglass which illuminates the Nave. The exterior has 16 curved concrete columns.

The Cathedral of Brasilia was inaugurated in the year 1970. The hyperbolic structure appears to be pinned to the ground.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is an unfinished minor Basilica located in Barcelona, Spain. This Basilica is designed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

This was built by combining Gothic and Art Nouveau types of architectural design. The stained glass windows look magnificent, to say the least.

La Sagrada Familia

Thanks-Giving Square

The Chapel in Thanks-Giving Square looks magnificent with a spiral roof that has colorful stained glass pieces in it. The spiral is called ‘The ancient spiral of life’.

The stained glass is called “Glory Window”. This is one of the largest horizontally mounted stained-glass pieces in the world.

Thanks-Giving Square

The Grossmunster, Munich

The Grossmunster(Great Minster) is a romanesque-style protestant church in Zürich, Switzerland. They started building this church in 1100A.D. and inaugurated it in 1220 A.D.

The twin towers of this church are probably the most famous landmark in Zürich. The magnificent stained glass windows were added to this church in 1932.

These stained glass windows were designed by Swiss artist Augusto Giacometti.

Resurrection Cemetery Mausoleum

Resurrection Cemetery Mausoleum has the world’s largest stained glass window. This stained glass window has 2,448 panels and is 22,381 sq. feet.

Apart from this, the Mausoleum has a lot of stained glass windows and it’s a treat to the eyes. Do check it out if you happen to visit Illinois.

Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Cultural Center has two domes that are made using stained glass. This building was designed in a Neoclassical style with Italian renaissance elements.

Chicago Cultural Center is located in Chicago and is operated by Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Chicago Cultural Center

Skylight of Palau de la Música Catalana

Skylight of Palau de Música Catalana is a concert hall in Barcelona, Spain. They constructed this magnificent concert hall between 1905 and 1908.

This concert hall was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997 along with Hospital de Sant Pau.

The ceiling of this hall is made of huge stained glass which looks like a sun in the sky, that’s why its name. The sun-part of the ceiling protrudes downward in a semi-spherical shape.

Skylight of Palau de la Música Catalana

Blue Mosque

There are more than 200 stained glass windows in this magnificent mosque. The indoors are lit by the brilliance of these windows and several chandeliers.

This building is not a church but the architectural marvel can’t be ignored. This building was constructed in the early 17th century.

Blue Mosque

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is popularly known as the Pink Mosque, thanks to the pink tiles in the interior. The Mosque is located in Iran.

Colorful stained glass windows illuminate the colored tiles and the Persian rugs. It feels like stepping into a Kaleidoscope.

The windows are made using Orsi glass. Orsi glass allows more light in than the traditional stained glass. Orsi windows create a beautiful ambiance in this Mosque.

These Orsi windows are only made of geometrical shapes as figures and other humanoid forms are prohibited in Islam.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

The Largest Stained Glass Window in Europe

The Great East Window at York Minster is the largest stained glass window in Europe with 311 panes. This magnificent stained glass window stands 24m tall.

The Great East window depicts scenes from the last book of the New Testament -The Book of Revelation. In short, it depicts the end of the world.

This window has recently been restored with the help of the senior conservator at York Glaziers Trust, Nick Teed. This beautiful window was originally affixed in the year 1408.

The Largest Stained Glass Window in the USA

Resurrection Cemetery Mausoleum has the largest stained glass window in the USA. This stained glass window has 2,448 panels and is 22,381 sq. feet.

Resurrection Cemetery Mausoleum is located in Illinois. I must say it’s a treat to the eye, do go there if you happen to visit Justice, Illinois.

Where are the oldest stained glass windows in the world?

The oldest known stained glass windows are located in the Augsberg Cathedral in Bavaria, Germany.

These stained glass windows were completed in the 11th century. Many debate the age of these stained glass windows but they’re easily close to a thousand years old.

People visit this Cathedral from all over the world to take a look at these ancient, magnificent pieces of art.