Do Candles Expire

Do Candles Expire? (Here’s Why Candles Lose Their Scent!)

Yes, candles do go bad if you don’t store them properly. Soy candles expire in a year or two even if you store them properly. Paraffin and Beeswax candles can last indefinitely provided you stored them properly. A candle is considered to be bad when it loses its scent/color.

Candles expire when they are exposed to harsh external conditions. You just need to protect your candles from these harsh conditions.

In this article, we shall learn why candles go bad. You’ll also know the ways to preserve your candles for a long time.

Do candles expire?

Candles don’t expire as food items do. They do go bad after a while if they aren’t stored properly. After they go bad it becomes hard to light them, or they don’t stay lit for long.

The wax type and the ingredients used to make the candle impact the lifetime of a candle. In general, beeswax candles last longer than the other types.

The lifetime of a candle also depends on how well it’s stored. Let’s see the longevity of various types of wax candles.

Do Soy candles expire?

Yes, Soy candles could go bad after a while. It is best to use Soy candles within a year or two. This natural wax degrades over time.

Store Soy candles away from high humidity, sunlight, and moisture. They should last for a decade if you store them properly.

Do Diptyque candles expire?

Yes, Diptyque candles do expire. The aromatic oils in the candles expire within a few years, so it’s ideal to use them before the time period.

There aren’t any synthetic fragrance oils in Diptyque candles.

Does Paraffin wax expire?

Yes, paraffin wax does expire. Candles made from paraffin wax last for five years easily. They last for five years only if you store them properly.

They last longer than most wax types, this is why paraffin candles are used widely.

Do Beeswax candles expire?

No, Beeswax candles don’t expire when stored properly. Beeswax candles have the longest shelf life considering they’re stored properly.

There are natural preservatives in Beeswax, that’s why the candles made from it last indefinitely if stored properly.

Do Bath and Bodyworks candles expire?

Yes, Bath and Bodyworks candles have a three-year shelf life as mentioned on the label. This is true if the bottle is unopened.

Store your Bath and Bodyworks candles away from direct sunlight and high humidity/moisture for longevity.

How long do candles keep their scent?

Scented paraffin candles if stored properly, keep their scent for up to five years. Soy candles last for a year or two. Beeswax candles can last for an indefinite period if they’re stored properly.

As you can see, the longevity of a scented candle depends on the type of wax used to make the candle. Always store scented candles in sealable containers.

Yankee candles are usually made of paraffin wax. These candles last for five years or more if stored properly in a dark place.

How long do Bath and Bodyworks candles last unused?

Bath and Bodyworks candles last for up to three years if they’re unopened. This fact is printed on the label of their products.

Add three years to the manufacturing date and you have the expiry date of the candle.

How long do Soy candles last unused?

Soy candles last for up to a year or two when they’re stored properly and left unopened. This is because the candle is made naturally.

This is why you need to burn Soy candles as soon as possible. Candles do go bad if they’re made of Soy wax or natural fragrance oils.

How to store scented candles?

Scented candles need to be stored properly if not they degrade over time. Such candles’ performance is reduced drastically.

Candles go bad if they are exposed to UV light for a long period. The UV rays degrade and oxidize the dyes that come in the wax.

This is the reason why colored candles fade away over time. This doesn’t happen if the candle has UV protective additives in it.

  • Keep candles away from direct/harsh sunlight. The UV rays degrade the wax, reducing its performance.
  • Store your candles in a dark, cool place to enhance their longevity.
  • Don’t store your candles in high humidity/moist places, eg. bathrooms. Humidity degrades the wax content in a candle.
  • Don’t place candles in areas where the temperature fluctuates suddenly, eg. radiators, vents, etc.
  • Get an airtight plastic box to store your candles when not in use. An opaque box protects the candles from sunlight too.
  • Wrap your candles up using zip-up bags and plastic tubs to protect them from the elements. You basically need to ‘mummify’ your candles.
  • Keep the top of the candles clean and dust-free.

Tip: You can prevent essential oil evaporation by storing them in airtight containers.

Do candles lose their scent if left uncovered?’

Yes, candles lose their scent if left uncovered. The fragrance oils degrade over time. Store your candles in airtight containers to preserve them for a long time.

Some people wrap them up like mummies for that extra protection.

A candle doesn’t smell when lit?

Candles that went bad don’t release fragrance when lit. One also fails to smell fragrance if one’s exposed to the fragrance for too long.

Check the candle’s performance by burning it in a smaller room. See if the candle releases any fragrance. Try burning the candle for a longer time.

Your brain could have switched off. If you stayed indoors for more than 2 hours, go out for 15 minutes and come back in. You should be able to smell the scent.

Candles lose scent if they haven’t been stored properly. Follow the above instructions to store your candles properly.

How can you tell if a candle is bad?

There are tell-tale signs of a candle that’s gone bad. Below are some of those signs that mean that the candle has gone bad.

  • The top half of the candle turns yellow and looks dry overall.
  • There’s a general loss of color and a change in texture.
  • The candle’s scent wears off when it goes bad. You’ll smell the wax more than the fragrance.

If you use Soy candles often, check for these signs often. Soy candles go bad quicker than the others do.

Can you use expired candles?

Yes, you can burn expired candles if you don’t mind the discoloration. They might smell weird too.

Test the candle. Light it up and see how it does. If the flame is too small or it keeps going out, the candle is no longer usable.

If it lights up successfully, it’s fine to light up the candle. I have yet to come across people who are affected by lighting up expired candles.

The worst that can happen to an expired candle is it loses its scent/color.

Happy Molding 🙂