What is Decoupage Paper

What is Decoupage Paper? (Explained and Solved!)

Decoupage paper is a piece of paper made exclusively to be used in Decoupage crafting. Filament Decoupage paper is a thin paper that comes with a set of two complementing designs. The weight of Decoupage paper is suitable for this craft.

In fact, you can use any paper for decoupage provided you have the right skill. Some even print their own designs on photo paper and use them in decoupage crafts.

What kind of paper can you use besides the Decoupage paper? What’s the best paper to craft decoupage projects? Can you use tissue paper for decoupage?

Read the article if you wanna know answers to the above questions.

What paper is used for Decoupage?

One can use any paper or light fabric material for decoupage. Wrapping paper and Origami paper are great for decoupage crafts. They come with great designs but you need some skill to decoupage using them.

The process becomes easier or tougher based on the material you choose for decoupage.

Wrapping paper and Origami paper have good weight. Wrapping paper tends to wrinkle when used in Decoupage crafts.

You need to have some experience working with Wrapping paper/Origami paper. Be gentle and you should be fine.

What gsm is Decoupage Paper?

The regular Decoupage paper is 75 gsm. The Decoupage paper is available in A4 sizes or smaller.

There is filament Decoupage paper too, this paper is 60 gsm. Filament gsm can be used even by novice decoupage crafters.

What is Decoupage Filament paper?

Decoupage Filament paper is a single-layer paper that can be adhered to on all surfaces easily. Even beginners can use this paper to decoupage.

Decoupage Filament paper comes with a great advantage, you can decoupage it onto a surface without any wrinkles or bubbles.

Get yourself a couple of decoupage filament paper sheets if you’re learning to decoupage.

What can you use instead of decoupage paper?

You can use Wrapping Paper, Origami paper, Wallpaper, Cardstock, Photos, even fabric material in decoupage crafts.

It all depends on you, the crafter. Can you decoupage using a variety of papers/fabrics? Some co-operate well, some others don’t.

Let’s discuss the characteristics of each of the alternatives in detail.

Can Wrapping Paper be used for Decoupage?

Yes, wrapping paper can be used for Decoupage crafts. Wrapping papers come with awesome designs and the paper has good weight.

The thinner the wrapping paper, the more likely it is to wrinkle. So, use thick wrapping paper when working on decoupage projects.

Don’t use metallic or cellophane wrapping paper for decoupage projects. Brushstrokes are visible on these papers after they dry.

Is Rice Paper the same as Decoupage Paper?

No, Rice paper isn’t the same as Decoupage paper. It is thinner and softer than Decoupage paper.

Rice paper is strong, durable, and quite resistant considering its thickness. Rice paper doesn’t disintegrate easily even though it’s thin.

You can stick Rice paper to any surface easily. It might look thinner than Decoupage paper but is stronger than Napkin paper.

Can you use Origami paper for Decoupage?

Yes, you can use Origami paper for decoupage. Origami paper comes with great texture. Some even come with printed designs on them.

Origami paper has an ideal weight and suits well for decoupage.

Can you use Cardstock for Decoupage?

Yes, you can use Cardstock for Decoupage. Cardstock comes in many designs and colors making it suitable for decoupage.

Heavier Cardstock is a great way to stick photos onto a surface. You can decoupage without bubbles/wrinkles using Cardstock.

Can you use Printer paper for Decoupage?

Yes, you can use Printer paper for Decoupage. Make sure you print your design using a laserjet printer to prevent smudges.

I am not gonna lie but you need some skill to work with printer paper. Beginners see wrinkles/bubbles on their projects apparently.

Can You use Paper Napkins for Decoupage?

Yes, you can use Paper Napkins for decoupage. Paper Napkins are thin and pliable, making them suitable for any kind of decoupage project.

There are printed paper napkins that are perfect for decoupage.

Can you use Magazine paper for Decoupage?

Yes, you can use Magazine paper to decorate any surface. You may want to use thin, flexible paper along with Magazine paper.

You can mix other images with Magazine images. You can also spell out your favorite note using this method.

Can you use Scrapbook Paper for Decoupage?

Yes, you can use Scrapbook paper for Decoupage. The scrapbook paper is thick and colorful, making it suitable for Decoupage.

I didn’t experience wrinkles/bubbles when working with Scrapbook paper.

Can you use Photo Paper for Decoupage?

Yes, you can use Photo paper for Decoupage especially when you want to print your own designs.

You need to use matte photo paper for the best results. You can use Mod Podge to glue photos to any porous surface.

Is Decoupage paper the same as tissue paper?

Yes, technically Decoupage paper and tissue paper are the same. Decoupage paper comes in a variety of designs.

So, you can use printed tissue paper for decoupage. Such tissue papers are cheaper than Decoupage paper but the design availability is an issue.

Can you use any tissue paper for Decoupage?

No, use printed tissue paper for Decoupage. Use thicker tissue paper if you want to prevent wrinkles/bubbles on the surface.

The fun part is, such texture actually looks good and is another reason to use tissue paper for decoupage.

What’s the best paper for Decoupage?

Rice paper works well for decoupaging. There are papers specifically made for decoupage. You can also use Wrapping paper, Origami paper in decoupage crafts.

One can use any paper for decoupage but it depends on the skill of the crafter. Some can decoupage using the thinnest papers.

There is Filament Decoupage paper in the market too. This paper is quite thin but it’s quite easy to decoupage using this paper.

Filament papers come in 60 gsm. They come in a variety of designs and give you a feel of rice paper.

Happy Crafting 🙂