How to hang stained glass without a frame

5 Creative Ways to Hang Stained Glass (Do-it-yourself!)

Making stained glass is not easy. It takes skill and passion to make stained glass art. If the art is so hard, you must make sure that it is put to good use.

There are many things you can make using stained glass art.

How to hang stained glass without a frame?

You need to make a frame for the stained glass before you even think of hanging it. Hanging stained glass without a frame might prove harmful.

I see some people who use plate hanger to achieve this but I don’t recommend it. Stained glass art is eternal, so getting a frame is worth it.

Get a cheap wooden frame and you’ll do just fine.

How to hang stained glass suncatcher?

You can hang stained glass suncatcher using some kind of a chain. Hang it near a window in your bedroom/living room.

If you’ve got nothing to hang it on, this adhesive wall hook will come in handy. Stick it on the window or near the top of the window as this hook is versatile.

I use these hooks myself and they made my life a lot easier. They can handle ample weight and don’t take away eyes from the actual art piece.

Before doing this you need to solder jump rings to your stained glass suncatcher. Here’s a short video explaining how to do this.

How do you attach hangers to stained glass?

Handy hangers work wonders in holding the stained glass together when it’s hanged. They are easy to attach to a stained glass craft.

Depending on the type of art piece you made, you can hang it using a chain. Hang it via a wall hanger or whatever you have handy.

Here’s a short video explaining how you can solder handy hangers to stained glass.

How to hang glass art in the window?

It is quite easy to hang stained glass art in the window. All you need are jump rings and adhesive wall hooks/hangers.

There’s a video just above this section explaining how to do this. You just need to solder jump rings to the stained glass art piece.

Now it can be hanged anywhere. Stick the adhesive wall hanger near the window. This is a versatile hanger as you can kinda stick it horizontally or vertically.

Creative ways to hang stained glass

Stained glass is quite expensive and adds class to your beautiful home. There are various creative ways to hang stained glass art.

Using a chain of jump rings

One can easily make a chain of jump rings. The process is quite satisfactory, at least to me. The chain is quite easy to make.

This chain of jump rings looks awesome too. You can solder one of the jump rings to the stained glass art piece. You can also solder a hook to the stained glass to attach this chain.

Hang them directly on the nail

Some people prefer to hang their designs directly on the nail. This happens when the design demands it or personal preference.

You can attach handy hangers to your stained glass art piece for this to work.

How to hang round stained glass?

Attach handy hangers or jump rings on either side of the round stained glass. This keeps the art piece balanced when hanged.

After soldering these to the art piece you can use a chain to hang this stained glass. You can even make a chain out of jump rings.

Get an adhesive hanger and stick it where you want the art piece to be hanged.

How to hang stained glass from the ceiling?

This 180° adhesive hanger is useful to hang your precious stained glass from the ceiling. This trusty hanger can handle even the heavier art pieces.

I use this hanger myself to hang an antique stained glass piece near the patio. The adhesive is strong enough to withstand the weight.

I am sure it will stay put for years to come. Just take the cover off the hanger, stick it to the ceiling, ta-dah you can hang your art piece!

How to hang heavy stained glass in the window?

Heavy stained glass pieces can be hanged using two or more hangers. Get a sturdy hanger that can withstand the weight of your precious art piece.

This hanger is quite handy as it’s specifically made for stained glass art pieces, the tiffany ones. You can be assured that this will handle the weight.

I prefer buying sturdy hangers for the heavy stained glass art pieces as I don’t want to take any chances.

People prefer to hang their stained glass near the window instead of affixing it in a window. This way it is quite easy to re-use it.

How to display stained glass on the wall?

Some people don’t wish to hang their stained glass art via a chain. They can just display the stained glass art piece by hanging it on nails directly.

Solder handy hangers or jump rings to the ends of the stained glass art piece. You can then directly hang it on the nails.

Over the last 3 years of my crafting experience, I found that handy hangers are of better use in such a situation.

Happy Crafting 🙂